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sherri wheelerI started my buisiness over 25 years ago when I was a single mom of two young boys in my early twentys. I needed a way to support my family and thought this kind of buiseness would be good for me. I lived in browns point , wa and their were a lot of high income homes in the area. I started out going door to door meeting people and asking for a chance to help out with there homes.

For every no thanks there was the great come on in, lets talk. I now have a steady client base and many happy customers. My customers trust me and can relate well to me. They know they can come home to a nice clean home when they have our service. I've learned from my many jobs in house cleaning how to see detail and how to get it to sparkle and shine.

Cleaning is like gardening first you envision your garden then you weed and amend the soil, then plant seeds, bulbs plants ect and then maintain it water, weed and enjoy what youve created. House cleaning requires first time spring time cleaning, hard physical work to get there, then rearrange edit papers furniture decorating. Then maintenance cleaning at least bi weekly to keep it looking clean. Many home owners are stressed for time in their lives and with our service are able to take a much needed breath of relaxation on their days off. Its a big releif for them and makes for more time and energy for their familys.

My buisiness has been around for a very long time and you can trust us to be honest and detail oriented. references are always available able upon request. And as always, please don't hesitate to get us a call anytime @ (253) 756-7813